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Tuesday, November 26, 2019

Monday, November 25, 2019

A Letter to Myself

Written (as if) from my old age'd death bed ~ on the day I was born.

~ sculpture & photo © Barbara

Welcome to this world Precious,
​It is time to begin your journey as we have all done. You are born into a family who will teach you much about the delicate balance & nature of Love. It is there within the nucleus that anchors you to your purpose and to the earth, and it is here with me that drives you forward toward your purpose and to the heavens. I am the future you. I will always be here beside you, no matter where life’s journey takes you. I am always here.
As you grow you will experience and learn many things. Take each new lesson and grow with it. The lessons won’t always be easy and you will not always see the purpose. In time you will understand that what is most important is the language of your heart. You are pure potential and bring wonderful gifts that all things will react to. Let your soul sing, let your heart sour and don’t ever stop reaching for the visions that stir within and beckon you to live your best life. 

Put your first passions first. Dream your dreams. Know that each and every step is purposeful and that I am here in gentleness and openness. You and I have wonderful work to do and as you grow to accept me as your guide, we will transform & awaken into one another; eventually.

With Love, 

Saturday, February 4, 2017

Echos of Love

"Love is perfect in its design"

I believe that Love is a measurable animated force that interfaces us with our Spirit. It lives at the core of who we are and speaks through each of us. Love is all we truly are but it seems to have eluded our general comprehension. It is within us and around us, yet it cannot be touched. We can reject it, we can embrace it, we can grow in its presence and we can fade from the lack of it.

Love is perfect in its design. It can be pregnant and empty. It's ethereal, subtle and intangible yet so full it can hijack any agenda. It is pure and Heavenly and yet it can be Hell. We can hunger for it and consequently be broken by it. We can move in and through love like miners, carefully inspecting, cracking open and pushing our way through the substance with purposeful rigor in order to determine it's purity, it's rarity, it's worth.

​We move from place to place not really knowing what we are searching for or what to even look at, but our hearts know, don't they? Our heart knows when love is present or not. I believe that one day we will pare a human down to the very essence and love & light will be all there is to measure. ​ Our love is so enormous and like breath, it expands & contracts ~ through us, in us, with us &  for us.

~ Barbara

"There is a place in the universe where our love unites. I feel it in my core and in my bones. I call it Source. It is my God, my Soul, my everything. It is pure LOVE"

The Tangles of currency

"Return On Investment... a new currency"

There is no greater gift in the world than giving of ourselves. It’s the purest expression of who we really are but it can be tricky.

Throughout our history, we have stitched giving back with getting. So for this article I took time to dissect this, to get really clear in my understanding. What I found was, like other things, there are many angles and I was a bit surprised to see that I had peeled back layers of attachments, the social, cultural and value based perception of what it means to give back. It's hugely diverse and what we hope to gain from our giving back are not the same as the gifts in the gesture of selfless giving. So it’s the latter that deserves all of our attention and to this point, I’ll shift the semantic ~ to service. 

Pure & simple, service it's about being generous with giving ourselves joy and enthusiasm, which is in our highest learning. To offer our gifts and talents to the world means being open, aware and acting when someone needs help – we respond ably – without waiting to be asked. The spirit of service is about investing our love into all we are doing to make our world a better place. The ROI is a new currency ~ holistic Self~Love. ~Barbara
“Everyone can be great…because anybody can serve. You don’t have to have a college degree to serve… You only need a heart full of grace.  A soul generated by love.”  - Martin Luther King, Jr.

The 9th Episode

The 9th Episode ~ Symphony of Science

 "~ In search of my Soul ~"

From very young, I held a fascinating connection to the stars, moon, sun, thunder storms, rainbows, magnets, gravity, stones & animals of all kinds.

My early years curiosity expanded to neurology, biology and physiology, quantum physics etc, while I was trying to figure out who I was.  I was 20 in 1980 when I came upon Anna Mitchell Hedges and one of the crystal skulls which catapulted me further into energy medicine, color and sound therapies and meditation and while none of this was "scientific" I knew to integrate these divine principles into my life. I devoured the great wisdom of philosophers like Plato, Socrates, Einstein and Aristotle ie: ~ in search for my Soul. In search for peace.

Now, as a healer and facilitator, I am in awe of the upswell of emerging scientific discoveries in quantum physics, neuroplasticity and the studies and interest in understanding the human soul. As a fellow seeker, I set an intention years ago, to cross paths with the right people and be part of what helps us to BE the best version of our Selves. I feel like I have suddenly arrived, here with you, on the edge of this new frontier. 

We are all transforming ~ moving through a time of amazing transformation.

Window of Soul

~ The Window of Soul ~

Come to our window and watch now,
As the world rambles on in a race.
Come to our window and see out ~
And then turn "in" to find this place.

"In" is the place that you grow from,
"In" is the house of intent,
"In" is the safe place to nurture ~
The virtues Creator hath sent.

Here you will find all that's needed,
Each breath brings us closer to thee.
Our thoughts are not only separate ~
They form us and drive us to BE.

Hold strong the vision that binds us,
Stay true to your purpose & know.
That I am the Light right above us ~
And you are the Shadow below.

Together we walk life with purpose,
Please trust that we have it all.
Listen intently and act when ~
Ever your heart heeds the call.

Nov 19, 2005 Barbara

I AM not

I AM not my current reality 

The human is the only being that seeks to understand itself. With this in mind, consciousness is that which holds everything. It is connected to all that has come and all that will ever come to pass. It is the universal network that I pinned myself to when I came into this life. 

~ Barbara
I AM ME  |  I AM  |  I AM I

Art by Barbara ~ Quote by Eckhart Tolle

I am I

Energy is Everything ~ Everywhere.

Back to energy. If within each cell, we vibrate to the tune of our experience, this makes up the energy of our spirit. The miracle or alchemy is this: when we speak about or recognize virtues in ourselves and others, they become stronger, they grow. By focusing on the virtue, it awakens and begins to grow too.✨ 

As we move from this moment into the next, no matter where our life takes us, when we call on our virtues to help, they do. They can guide and transcend us, helping our hearts to move through the shadows when we cannot find our way. It is possible for the light to enter this way, wherever we are. Naming someone's virtues and the evidence that you saw them practicing is a powerful change agent.

At the center of who I am is an animating force that mobilizes my thoughts into actions. Energy is the force that drives me to my purpose and fuels my every hope & dream. I think that many mysteries of life will be understood once we begin studying the presence of each virtue. "I AM" emits an energy that we have never really considered before, the energy of language and the direct effect we have on our own transformation. One that will move us from our current state to one of true love & deep caring.        
​ ~ Barbara

Expression: Clear & Open

Expression: Clear & Open

Photo by Barbara
Expression is the key to happiness & the voice of my Soul. Whichever form we use, we are individual and unique. The expression spectrum spans from subtle body language, spoken language & into the arts - dance, theatre, music, voice, sculpture, painting, writing & poetry etc. Expression is both visual and/or verbal, complete in its own right, sometimes better when remaining in flux.  I believe the more honest our expression, the closer to wholeness we become.

We're born with a complex system including the spirit within us and we use all of who we are to manifest various forms of expression. Every baby is born with pure spirit conscious and if blessed, through time may naturally express themselves - remaining clear and open. We are meant to dream, we need to play and laugh. When we can sing, dance and paint, we live life in love with our fuller expressions. Believe it or not, what we express is not nearly as important as the pearls of wisdom we exchange with ourselves.

By developing self awareness I am sure we'll find that self-worth, self-esteem and self-love can be manufactured and expressed if allowed to flow freely through the body from the Soul. Inner unity is the highest form of expression to honour the union of our own temple in the expressed embodiment of the Divine.
~ Barbara

Friday, February 3, 2017

On Shoulders of Giants

On Shoulders of Giants

I understand when Sir Isaac Newton  said, 'if I have seen further it is by standing on the shoulders of giants'.  And as I stand here looking back through the history of mankind, I am both horrified and filled with hope.

There is no better time to be alive than right now and no clearer time to see the mistakes we have made. If being honest about our history will take us forward, we have a strategy to halt distraction & destruction in it's tracks. Now we are learning what the history classes didn't teach. We are learning to see the truth with our own eyes and to find unity. Wisdom and healing come to all from the telling of the stories and unburdening the heart. Residential school story horrifies me, it is also what gives me hope.

To build the history of tomorrow we need to get clear about how to be reflective in a way that the wisdom can rise up. If I can leave my print on history, I would wrap up the past and transform it in the here & now so that every child in the history books our ancestors read, will know what it means to have peace. ~ Barbara

Our Dreams, Our Guides

Our Dreams, Our Guides

Both awake and sleeping dreams have eluded mankind for centuries. All the great scientific and inspired minds have grappled with them through history. The truth is, we don't know what they are or where they come from and to that end, we seem to be unaware that this part of who we are even exists. Except those of us who remained open, never denying it. 
We do have some sense because we care about our dreams; they influence us and sometimes help us with direction. They can even leave our mirror neurons responding for minute/hours/days, tapping into our fight and flight system. Maybe nightmares are like fire alarms so they can test the system.

Since I was a child I wondered if anyone else considered that the dream state is the consciousness of something greater than myself. What if our dreams were actually where we touch the infinite, where we glimpse all of the realities collapsed, or expanded, into one. What if there, the universe also existed in the dream state? For me, this doesn't seem to be a stretch. I have had many dreams that I have taken as guidance and transformed my life because of it.
Months before I met Mi, I dreamt that I was being led through a maze of rooms by a petite woman who appeared pure and childlike but felt anciently wise and who had the strength of a man. I could sense that there were all kinds of cheerful and kind people and I could hear the chattering as I was led from one room, through to the next, and the next. I felt their stories but we moved too quickly to hear. The rooms made an impression because they were bright and airy and fixed, while the halls in between were more melted and cave like. I only saw one person's face, and I heard Mi's voice in the final room before she lead me outside where she said no one else had ever gone. I felt this was where I was meant to be. So familiar was P when we met and Ma I felt like I knew because his was the male face I saw. And it wasn't until meeting them and having the experience of all the chat rooms filled with beautiful people, did I see that my dream had literally come into my reality.
~ Barbara
They say, "Follow your dreams"
       I say, "Giddyup!" 

Initiative is a Virtue

Initiative is a Virtue

Being creative, the initiative to try new things, has come pretty easy for me. Its my super power. I was doing and exploring things that others didn't understand since I was a child. I've had to call a lot of courage to walk along a path mostly on my own. Treated as a black sheep. Feeling like that too. Sometimes initiative isn’t enough and it takes other virtues to help massage the kinks out enough to create the flexibility, or slow and steady the practice to help us work it to the enth degree depending if it needs to fueled up or tempered down.

Let me tell you a story of how Initiative & Grace helped me to get a job once.  I was a newly graduated Commercial Artist taking a few weeks to "PAUSE for APPLAUSE" as my friend says.  I was in my early 20's, when tanning was okay... when I was inspired by a song streaming out my window, along the wind of change, on a beautiful summer day. The lyrics spoke so deeply and so directly to me that I got up immediately, showered and made my way to the job centre. The initiative I took that day set my life on a whole new course because I walked in just as a job was being posted for an artist in a family run silk-screening company. I called and went and was hired on the spot and worked there for the next 6 years, eventually as a graphic artist.

Not guiding or shoving, but being aware with a consistent pressure that seems directly connected to the butterflies that live free range in my tummy. Initiative shows up not always because of a hand guiding but as a whisper prompting us into action. This has been a recurring dymanic in my life, not just when Pink Floyd plays "Wish You Were Here." 

~ Barbara




Courage to Love

The Courage to Love

The word LOVE looks courageous and healing and I trust the medicine. I have acquired in my life, courage and bravery. I know it as the spirit of the mother bear. Playful yet strong, facing her fears and learning through challenges while caring for her young.  The bear also reflects to me a simple balanced life of rest, survival and joy. The question is, what do I have the courage to sacrifice to bring back the balance? I have to let something go.

"BE curious, not furious!" Dr Dan of The Virtues Project says. True courage is humble, honest and wise. True courage is in simple daily decisions of billions of people.

Finding the inner strength to face the difficulties of my life and developing the courage to change MY self is what will help me live my balance. Defend what you believe in and what is right for your community, family and yourself.  Act on positive choices and hold conviction in decisions knowing that facing fears allows us to live our life in a whole new way. I see now the 'teaching' of Jesus in a new light. I see the courage to face evil with peace. I see the wisdom in it but it didn't work. Will humanity hear the teaching now? Will we all rise up only to be nailed to the cross by a system designed to protect itself? 
In my rose coloured glasses, I actually see this going a whole other way.
We are in a time of huge Awakening and as we shift we grow. Hopefully our leaders are humble enough to ebb & flow as the universe needs but like any form of creation, it gets messy before the beauty. We are in a chaotic time. No matter what is happening in your life, let's focus on love. If each of us can close ourselves to the chaos & find any way to love our way through it. More importantly, love eachother through it. It will take more courage than most of us have never known. The kind of courage that you might have to reach deep into your boots to find. The kind that life feels like it's breaking us but somewhere we find it. Hope. It's there and it's ours to pull up like an extra skin -;o)  and in essence, it is.

So find joy and have courage to shine with 100% pure love & light ~ esp in dark times.

The Ultimate Gifts of Perceptiveness

An Infinite Spectrum of Potential

AT the core of the universe is a fundamental belief that everything is love and I claim this truth too. I have been an energy healer since '85 and have developed a profound trust based on my experience. I see us as a multilayered organism designed to filter our experience through our chakras, ending in the love center to store the day's yield.
I see perceptiveness as a lens that, like all virtues, has an infinite spectrum of potential.
The experience of our lives is echo'd by love and the alchemy of who we are happens in each moment. My perceptiveness seems like a valve, both a filter and a meter working in tandem with other virtues like tact, empathy, courage etc. So in this way, perceptiveness helps me to interrupt, interpret and interact within my own quantum psychoneurobiology -- very little of which would happen in awareness. These are our roots.
If everything we do comes from either Love or Fear then for me, Perceptiveness is the lens that allows me to see into what's really going on. Mindful perception is something that requires experience to recognize, challenge and interpret the shadows and celebrations of life. We must be open to perceptiveness but also be mindful that we are clear and true. 
Words are so powerful because of the laws of intention and especially at this stage in the paradigm shift. At this time in my life, I AM fine-tuning thoughts and ideas to reflect my desire to be of service, from a place of purity.  The act of perceiving this experience, brings the universe into alignment which delivers opportunities for me to see exactly where my perceptiveness has lead me and what allows me to trust these virtues to the point that I will find & follow them to find the gifts that "perceptiveness" leads me to.

Humility & Dear Teal Swan

Warning: this will make you think!!

My Humble Opinion and comment to Teal Swan's video

​I am so confident in who I AM and the gifts I bring that I ask you instead to consider this**. 
Humility is so much more than you've beautifully and wonderfully articulated. I agree with everything you said and love you for speaking what I had no words for and while I see your clarity, I also realize there are always other views, levels, realms and paradigms that we have no perception of. 

Grace itself intertwines with us and we are weaved into the universe. The expansive side of our divinity is ours to hold and it is our free will. We are in our heads and in our hearts and also in our guts. We hold humility to anchor the side of us that manifests as ego. To suggest that humility is not a virtue and should be denied, actually denies the possibility that there is more to know. Here is what I have come to believe... that humility is connected to our free will and is actually an anchor that tethers us, mind, body & soul. 
**If we abandon ego we risk loosing ourselves to spirit. We have already abandoned spirit and are trying to pull ourselves back to balance now. Humility ensures that we "live in the world but not of it."  
~ Barbara June 8, 2016

Our Saving Grace: E=McG2

Our Saving Grace: E=McG²


I bet we'll discover that ​we've always had wings. ~ Barbara Mackenzie

I have clear memories of being too young to understand the consoling thoughts in my own mind. I often wondered about the source but I was always comforted into unity. I truly believe that Grace has been right here with me all along.

It's omnipresent and omnipotent they say - I believe that it must be one and the same energy that we know to run through our meridians, filtered by our chakras. Grace is the physical manifestation of that omnipresent force that we believe to be our Creator.  It's pure trust and speculation on my part based on my experience of the animating force that I have had within me all my life. I have often wondered if Grace is the sum of all of my parts. I believe it's my reflective expression of the Divine. Our Grace can be so clear and so strong that it becomes our presence. It is the purest manifestation of Soul.

When we learn and understand how to integrate and grow in our virtues, we'll see how the evolution of Grace is relative to matter and energy which delivers to the beneficiary, all the best vibes.  ~Barbara



I am not christian but I could not overlook what appeared to me both inside and outside of the heart.
"The truth & irony is, I'm not sure how I came to be there, as a moderator, on the Standing Rock Protectors PP facebook page but I was in the wolfpack from Aug to Jan. I learned to hold space"

       Do you see what I saw?
Do you see what I saw? Intuitive Painting is: paint, randomly placed & left to let dry. Then, you draw out what you see.

Painting is Prayerful. It clears me of emotional clutter so if this is our training then it is the awakening of not only our spirit, but the planets.

Without peace or know how to find it then we're left to spin with whatever chaos has been started. Without knowing it, we open ourselves to becoming a pawn to be used against the minds of others. When we begin pouring out our beautiful & caring hearts, our emotions are being played and drained so I am saying to all who don't know to be aware and to please remember that stress is connected to our central nervous systems, directly influences our immune systems, our moods, our health and the well being of us all. Every energy adds to the whole so don't feed the troll energies. How? Simply by not engaging. I'm not saying disconnect, I am saying detach from noise and find peace. Distract thyself.
Now that the bloody media light is finally shining a light on broadcasting I can't believe any of it and neither should you. Back in September the rumours began of "provocateurs coming into camp and we saw the e-troll numbers growing among us. It is implied they are pushing ideas, dropping hints, underpinning darkness & creating an atmosphere of ill intent. What this does is plants tiny seeds of doubt in our minds. Then begin the manipulating of truths, distracting attention and worst of all in my opinion, pretending to be allies. Everything gets turned upside down until we begin judging our friends and loved ones. Pitting people against each other is a well known tactic to divide camps from uniting.
The truth is that only the Creator will ever know the truth and we're not to judge. I think the only way through this is to not fully trust our own mind. We have to spend prayerful time getting to know our sacred heartspeak which has been here the whole time and is our partner in this life. Like many people here our Souls are also fighting to be freed from a lifetime of oppression.

Stay Tuned ~ Shine ON! #synergyetc 


Hell ~ Forgiveness ~ Heaven

The truth is that for reasons I can only partially comprehend, life is cruel for some and not for others. Because of every injustice, every drama created to control & manipulate and every devious, evil or horrible thing, I believe we are living in either Hell or Heaven here on earth. It's our free will and ego/spirit union that is SUPPOSE to keep equilibrium, and constantly sustain balance!

What would I do differently if I knew that Heaven was simply a state of mind? What if that state of mind was an imprinted reflection of our environment, our beliefs and our free will? What if Heaven is a state of happiness conjured up and despite a life of happiness or misery & despair, what if the bridge between the two is a shift in consciousness?  The "what if" game can be a slippery slope but it's awesome to use it to dig into the details to dive under and find a deeper truth.

This week I have worked mindfully through the virtue of Forgiveness on a very personal level, dissolving about 10 layers of societal, historical, fresh wounds and residual trauma - all part of what is being released at this time. So much came to me this week that I had to literally crawl right up inside it and get clear about where the boundaries lay between my stuff and other peoples'. So, I made mudpies for awhile and when no one joined me in the puddle, I decided to unpack what was really going on - with me. I was able to get clear enough to see a life pattern within the issues that were stemming from the same root, repeating in my life.

Now, I have ran around this track enough times to know that I had to get to the heart of the matter to determine what's really going on. It was there that I could even come close to a place of forgiveness. When an injustice is served, it's important to me, to come to a clear and mutual resolution. But this time things were very different and in a couple of the cases, traditional resolution was not yet possible. This put me in a very different emotional place but THE GIFT IN MY TEACHABLE MOMENT IS in seeing that it is preparing me for something yet to come.

I learned how important it is to get to a place of forgiving an injustice when communication has been severed; when the issue is not treated as being important to address. I learned that it is re-traumatizing each & every time someone who has been victimized is asked or made to ask for justice or fight for their right. When a victim is held accountable for their reactive/responsive behavior, each time this happens, another wound is created.

We are actually born sensitive to justice and forgiveness. It begins as a core virtue for all of us. Children are quick to notice injustices and even quicker to get over it completely, so how does it all go so wrong? But more to my point, what does it mean to me?

My teachable moment part of my story is that I sit on a Trauma-Healing Committee. We are currently designing a training curriculum for 'workers/volunteers' of disaster trauma response teams. The Five Strategies of The Virtues Project provide necessary tools to teach others to "hold sacred space". Sacred space can be held not only to pray and celebrate the spirit of creation but also for clearing & healing humanity.

The strategies are used in palliative end of life care, healing circles and life coaching as well as family, educational, justice & social service institutions.  Forgiveness is part of what it takes for our virtues to shine.

I won't thank what happened this week but I am grateful for my own process. Not only do I have new perspective & understanding to take into my committee work now, but I am grateful for my own ability to move through the trauma to get to a place of forgiveness. It helps me & others get back to mud pie.   



 The View from Here

I am here at the lake staring at the beauty of my simple life, reflecting on my own personal UNITY. Through the lens of my experience and the wisdom of my soul I have observed unity inside & around me for over half a century. In the past 3 weeks, I have been blessed with enough 'free' time to truly pause. I am discerning & compartmentalizing the energetics of life & lessons and growing more fascinated with the subtle inner workings of how life experience metabolizes into thought and/or action. Even idleness is a proper action if it is done with purpose & meaning.

Whenever I require advice or guidance,  I first go to my Soul. I consult my A-Team as Linda Kavelin-Popov calls it (Angels, Ancestors & spirit Animals). I liken the process to retreating where I go deeply into reflection & reframing, like a good old fashioned defrag.  A computer term that according to Wikipedia means "In the maintenance of file systems, defragmentation is a process that reduces the amount of fragmentation. It does this by physically organizing the contents of the mass storage device used to store files into the smallest number of contiguous regions (fragments)." 
I take both mental (silent) and physical retreats as in the case of internal unity and it has been my process for over 30 years. I trust it as a critical step to help sort out what's really going on?, what is in my heart & head. An assessment and reviewing of an experience to discern what is real process became an integral part of how I AM. And more importantly, I sort out fact from assumption and what is within my control? With a clearer understanding, I take what I know about my reality and to enter a sacred state of reverence. Recently someone invited me to "move on" with something. In their idealistic hope for unity, they do not yet know the way grace brings teachable moments to me. This is an experiential strategy that has a power to defrag: tap, sort & reframe order.

Even before I knew of it, I heard the voice of my Soul. At 6 I was given a great gift. I was taught that my uniqueness was worthy of protecting. By 19, I was convinced that the unity humanity craved was within the soul. I knew that each of us must find our own and I was consciously testing the laws of attraction in the 80s, although there was no name for it then and Unity of body, mind & spirit has been my gift and I have manifested an amazing life because of it. My internal partner is also my best friend. We have together mindfully created this life. I have an amazing family, in-laws too, my community is made up of people who bring out the best in me, I am doing what I love & loving what I do, I am finding my tribe & open to the future that unity brings. Everyone must find it within our self.

Who I am is who "we" are. Are you united? Are you divided?

Unity can be courageous work. It might require sacrificing one thing for something better. In our current climate, I am finding it means being in a constant cycle of teachable moments where sometimes I am the one smoothing the waters & sometimes I'm pushing through the roaring storm or painfully detaching from someone or something toxic. 

Sometimes Unity means you are walking alone in the world. 
 ~ Barbara