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Welcome -- It's January 2016 and I am not giving up on the idea that people may appreciate and benefit from some of my story. I began in 2008 in a quest to blog my reflective experience through the lens of my virtues. Life, while full of rich lessons, did not provide the time and space needed to blog. Some days I wish I had a record of it all, other days I am grateful that I did not make a public exhibition. However, today, I commit to power-up the joy, meaning and purpose in my life. I hope that you will find it inspiring and helpful in your own journey. As a Virtues Project Master Facilitator and Grace Coach, it is my mission in life to help change the culture of our caring. As a humanity, the quality of our relationships is what truly matters. I aim to blog about virtues, what they mean to me and how they inspire, or challenge my life. Follow along with me if you are curious or care to do the same. Leave comments if you can, pose questions or link me if my blog has encouraged you. I look forward to connecting.

Friday, April 24, 2020

Tea with Linda VLOG1

"Picture the planet surrounded by the winds of God's grace."

What a beautiful image to hold in our minds. Thank You @Linda

Wednesday, March 11, 2020

How to be FREE? Thoughts from inside the cage.

Inside Out

Every day we make choices that bring us what we need and want. It's one way our culture has come to live and survive - but are we free?

It's not the only way we could be living but it's where we are now. It's not a happy or healthy place to be in my opinion either but opinion is a trapping of our modern society too and the truth is that we're killing our planet. 

I imagine in the deepest jungle communities, imagine the people do not know what is even happening to their planet? What we've done and let happen. Cut off from the rest of the world, primitive understanding... AND YET so advanced in their simplicity and freedom. What does it mean to "be free" anyway? We're driving this planet off the edge and we see it coming, still going on par normal. 

Well until now. The coronavirus is disrupting, isolating and divisiveness is evil.

Regardless of any conscience disruption, isolation is a killer! If our existence is tied up with each other (and it is) only means that there's something driving that 'industriousness' dog-eat dog attitude. That is not what we need now. We need to look at our humanity.

#whatsinitforME has been woven into the threads of our life whether we like it or not. It's the hamster wheel most people hate and drag themselves through life doing - every single day - but it is not the only way.
It begins with dissenting, which in a healthy atmosphere should trigger consultation & a path of finding our way back to the truth about any situation. Being free is about Mindfulness & Trust/worthiness. When those things break down - we become lost. So stay connected wherever you are.

Monday, January 6, 2020

πŸ‘©‍🍳 Questioning key ingredients for a healthy Soul.

πŸ”₯ Fire is an element and in our world that has a culture. A personality. And it demands respect. Our connection to that is almost all but lost. The people, who have remembered, have alot to say about the way we need to understand and interact with fire and the land. I believe this is one of the ways we move forward, strategic connection to the spirit of the land.

In this world I ask: What role am I meant to play?

πŸ•Š️ Soul's world has been denied in general terms, now more than ever, we've lost our connections with the inner reality of who we are. The western culture has all but forgotten the role we play. I believe the time is here to rise up in the middle of this to fortify a circle 🌏 around the world. We have been ruled by corporate greed and one-brained thinking.

In this world I ask: What needs to be seen?

☯️ Body is an amazing world that we're coming to understand our once firm beliefs are not quite what we thought so culture has had to shift in order for change to take place. Now is no different. We once believed that addiction was simply a lifestyle choice. Now we're coming to learn that without firm attachments in our early years, we are deprived of important nutrients that are required for optimal and balanced growth. 

In this world I ask: What do I need to let go of?

πŸ‘©‍🍳What is most challenging in our current reality?
🍡 How do you see the way forward? 

And, what's needed to support? 
How do you keep yourself on the path?

Thursday, January 2, 2020

For Peace 🌍

This smoke carries with it all that is prayed for.

Acceptance is about Surrender

01/02/2020 - Surrender to your Soul

BE your Authentic YOU
20/20 Vision: Whole Circle Living © 

I am learning that day by day, lesson by lesson, year after year that it seems to me that for some reason, I keep bumping into the same pattern. Each time the scene is painted differently, new people, dynamics and stages of my life but low and behold, the underlying issues are the same. Take the last decade for instance, I've been challenged with issues of abandonment, betrayal and my truthfulness.

So let's be clear. I've always had abandonment and betrayal issues - always. I think it may have started when I was in utero; my father had a long affair with my mother's best friend at the time; my mother's emotions, dealing with her own instincts throughout the deceit - I was swimming in my mothers grief and long effected after he left when I was 2. 

As a grown woman and a mother myself, Suspected or confirmed, I know the power of emotions. They've been known to completely rob me of experiencing anything in the 'now', in fact my trauma response seems to hijack thoughts from 'now' and force them into the past or future - there's a time where it's impossible to face the truth of the present. Once I can, it's another trauma. What's the issue?

What I think I've come to in my 58 years, the lesson here that I keep bumping into is that it's not actually the issue that's the issue, it's the repetition of the lesson and my lack of understanding in how the lesson serves my Soul. So until I start asking questions like, "What is it that I have not been healing/dealing or revealing? How I get in touch with the answer of this question?" nothing I do seems to matter! I don't get beyond the issue to look at the lesson when I'm just fixing the wound. It's important to stop the bleed but more-so to find the lesson.

I can seek answers outside of myself or I can learn to seek guidance from within myself. In 2020 I believe it's time to take this healing more seriously, and more joyfully, in order to transform and transcend the lessons. I am breaking patterns!

If you'd like support in breaking patterns too you can join us on our 8 wk course.

20/20 Vision: Whole Circle Living ©

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Tuesday, November 26, 2019

☯️ In the Midst

What more can I say?           

Monday, November 25, 2019

A Letter to Myself

Written (as if) from my old age'd death bed ~ on the day I was born.

sculpture and photo © by Barbara

Welcome to this world Precious,
​It is time to begin your journey as we have all done. You are born into a family who will teach you much about the delicate balance & nature of Love. It is there within the nucleus that anchors you to your purpose and to the earth, and it is here with me that drives you forward toward your purpose and to the heavens. I am the future you. I will always be here beside you, no matter where life’s journey takes you. I am always here.
As you grow you will experience and learn many things. Take each new lesson and grow with it. The lessons won’t always be easy and you will not always see the purpose. In time you will understand that what is most important is the language of your heart. You are pure potential and bring wonderful gifts that all things will react to. Let your soul sing, let your heart sour and don’t ever stop reaching for the visions that stir within and beckon you to live your best life. 

Put your first passions first. Dream your dreams. Know that each and every step is purposeful and that I am here in gentleness and openness. You and I have wonderful work to do and as you grow to accept me as your guide, we will transform & awaken into one another; eventually.

With Love, 

Saturday, February 4, 2017

Random thoughts contained from running amok

"Spirituality is found within the Art of Creation"

~ Our life-force energy interlaces Mind/Body with our Virtues ~ 

Honouring the spirit of who we are strengthens Creation & Spirit's expression. 

Every one is a spiritual creation and we're waking up together.

My creativity is the voice of my Soul!

Echos of Love

"Love is perfect in its design"

I believe that Love is a measurable animated force that interfaces us with our Spirit. It lives at the core of who we are and speaks through each of us. Love is all we truly are but it seems to have eluded our general comprehension. It is within us and around us, yet it cannot be touched. We can reject it, we can embrace it, we can grow in its presence and we can fade from the lack of it.

Love is perfect in its design. It can be pregnant and empty. It's ethereal, subtle and intangible yet so full it can hijack any agenda. It is pure and Heavenly and yet it can be Hell. We can hunger for it and consequently be broken by it. We can move in and through love like miners, carefully inspecting, cracking open and pushing our way through the substance with purposeful rigor in order to determine it's purity, it's rarity, it's worth.

​We move from place to place not really knowing what we are searching for or what to even look at, but our hearts know, don't they? Our heart knows when love is present or not. I believe that one day we will pare a human down to the very essence and love & light will be all there is to measure. ​ Our love is so enormous and like breath, it expands & contracts ~ through us, in us, with us & for us.

~ Barbara

"There is a place in the universe where our love unites. I feel it in my core and in my bones. I call it Source. It is my God, my Soul, my everything. It is pure LOVE"

The Tangles of Currency

"Return On Investment... a new currency"

There is no greater gift in the world than giving of ourselves. It’s the purest expression of who we really are but it can be tricky.

Throughout our history, we have stitched giving back with getting. So for this article I took time to dissect this, to get really clear in my understanding. What I found was, like other things, there are many angles and I was a bit surprised to see that I had peeled back layers of attachments, the social, cultural and value based perception of what it means to give back. It's hugely diverse and what we hope to gain from our giving back are not the same as the gifts in the gesture of selfless giving. So it’s the latter that deserves all of our attention and to this point, I’ll shift the semantic ~ to service. 

Pure & simple, service it's about being generous with giving ourselves joy and enthusiasm, which is in our highest learning. To offer our gifts and talents to the world means being open, aware and acting when someone needs help – we respond ably – without waiting to be asked. The spirit of service is about investing our love into all we are doing to make our world a better place. The ROI is a new currency ~ holistic Self~Love. 

“Everyone can be great…because anybody can serve. You don’t have to have a college degree to serve… You only need a heart full of grace.  A soul generated by love.”  - Martin Luther King, Jr.

The 9th Episode

The 9th Episode ~ Symphony of Science

 "~ In search of my Soul ~"

From very young, I held a fascinating connection to the stars, moon, sun, thunder storms, rainbows, magnets, gravity, stones & animals of all kinds.

My early years curiosity expanded to neurology, biology and physiology, quantum physics etc, while I was trying to figure out who I was.  I was 20 in 1980 when I came upon Anna Mitchell Hedges and one of the crystal skulls which catapulted me further into energy medicine, color and sound therapies and meditation and while none of this was "scientific" I knew to integrate these divine principles into my life. I devoured the great wisdom of philosophers like Plato, Socrates, Einstein and Aristotle ie: ~ in search for my Soul. In search for peace.

Now, as a healer and facilitator, I am in awe of the upswell of emerging scientific discoveries in quantum physics, neuroplasticity and the studies and interest in understanding the human soul. As a fellow seeker, I set an intention years ago, to cross paths with the right people and be part of what helps us to BE the best version of our Selves. I feel like I have suddenly arrived, here with you, on the edge of this new frontier. 

We are all transforming ~ moving through a time of amazing transformation.

Be well

Window of Soul

~ The Window of Soul ~

Come to our window and watch now,
As the world rambles on in a race.
Come to our window and see out ~
And then turn "in" to find this place.

"In" is the place that you grow from,
"In" is the house of intent,
"In" is the safe place to nurture ~
The virtues Creator hath sent.

Here you will find all that's needed,
Each breath brings us closer to thee.
Our thoughts are not only separate ~
They form us and drive us to BE.

Hold strong the vision that binds us,
Stay true to your purpose & know.
That I am the Light right above us ~
And you are the Shadow below.

Together we walk life with purpose,
Please trust that we have it all.
Listen intently and act when ~
Ever your heart heeds the call.

Nov 19, 2005 ~ Barbara

I AM not

I AM not my current reality 

The human is the only being that seeks to understand itself. With this in mind, consciousness is that which holds everything. It is connected to all that has come and all that will ever come to pass. It is the universal network that I pinned myself to when I came into this life. 

~ Barbara
I AM ME  |  I AM  |  I AM I

Art by Barbara ~ Quote by Eckhart Tolle

I am I

Energy is Everything ~ Everywhere.

photo by Dr. Dan Popov

I became an energy healer over 40 years ago so although I have a lot to say about energy & healing, I've learned about us on the inside & why E=Mc². Energy and language matter.
Deep within each of us lay the seeds of the Divine, the fruits of our spirit and the source of our soul. We tap into this treasury by understanding the many gems within, our virtues. When trusting those seeds 🌱 are there and by acknowledging* them in ourselves and other people (*naming the virtue you saw and how you saw it in action), we grow a more conscientious communication model. πŸ’Ž

Back to energy. If within each cell, we vibrate to the tune of our experience, this makes up the energy of our spirit. The miracle or alchemy is this: when we speak about or recognize virtues in ourselves and others, they become stronger, they grow. By focusing on the virtue, it awakens and begins to grow too.✨ 

As we move from this moment into the next, no matter where our life takes us, when we call on our virtues to help, they do. They can guide and transcend us, helping our hearts to move through the shadows when we cannot find our way. It is possible for the light to enter this way, wherever we are. Naming someone's virtues and the evidence that you saw them practicing is a powerful change agent.

At the center of who I am is an animating force that mobilizes my thoughts into actions. Energy is the force that drives me to my purpose and fuels my every hope & dream. I think that many mysteries of life will be understood once we begin studying the presence of each virtue. 

"I AM" emits an energy that we have never really considered before, the energy of language and the direct effect we have on our own transformation. One that will move us from our current state to one of true love & deep caring. 
​ ~ Barbara

Expression: Clear & Open

Expression: Clear & Open

Photo by Barbara
Expression is the key to happiness & the voice of my Soul. Whichever form we use, we are individual and unique. The expression spectrum spans from subtle body language, spoken language & into the arts - dance, theatre, music, voice, sculpture, painting, writing & poetry etc. Expression is both visual and/or verbal, complete in its own right, sometimes better when remaining in flux.  I believe the more honest our expression, the closer to wholeness we become.

We're born with a complex system including the spirit within us and we use all of who we are to manifest various forms of expression. Every baby is born with pure spirit conscious and if blessed, through time may naturally express themselves - remaining clear and open. We are meant to dream, we need to play and laugh. When we can sing, dance and paint, we live life in love with our fuller expressions. Believe it or not, what we express is not nearly as important as the pearls of wisdom we exchange with ourselves.

By developing self awareness I am sure we'll find that self-worth, self-esteem and self-love can be manufactured and expressed if allowed to flow freely through the body from the Soul. Inner unity is the highest form of expression to honour the union of our own temple in the expressed embodiment of the Divine.
~ Barbara