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Thursday, April 1, 2021

Musing ~ on Silence

*Silence can be deafening some days and lately I am very curious about it.

I wonder what I am seeing, sensing & experiencing with FB posts. Is it just within me...? Am I clearing this pattern/wound? Has it "come up for healing" ...or is this silence an issue for others too? Do people know that FB/Post authors see how many people see a FB post compared to how many SILENTLY do not respond to it. FOR WHATEVER REASON, which is what I'm wondering about, I internalize this AS something about me. There's no way to know the facts, so I must ask... BUT who? I have a real fear to ask. It's poking my baggage but I KNOW am not the only one feeling like no-one else sees or hears them ~ or gets caught in communication loops where the point gets lost to explaining the issue. All my life I have noticed things... like this & that... and from my vantage point, my radar has been excellent.

So, while I don't want to judge people (knowing my internal Gremlins try to feed me all kinds of stories) I must honour my sense of things to understand the why & how of whatever has an ☯️ impact on me.

👊🥰 💭 I WELCOME ACKNOWLEDGEMENT to help me feel seen & heard and feel free to discuss the topic in general. BUT PLEASE NOTE ~ I am not looking for Companioning or Advice ~ I'm just speaking my truth today. Thoughtfully.

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(Re:Visioned on Nov 23, 2020) I AM in TRUSTed to the idea that the whisperings of my Soul have always been calling me to these times. That this present day and the here & now is what I was guided to. To TRUST the action: to 'call a circle' of others who are committed to helping make the world a better place NO MATTER WHAT SHAPE IT'S IN... it's go time! (Read my Birthday 2020 blog post to catch up) TODAY I BEGIN CALLING A CIRCLE and here is my intention - to gather people who: appreciate & benefit from healing stories as they navigate their own; can hear my self-care story & daily journey to help themselves stay on track with their own stuff; and can be witnessed in their story while encourage space for others to support the whole circle. I AM excited to see who's showing up and where it will take us. See my Blog Page to join the circle.