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Saturday, January 9, 2021

🕳 Shining my Light on Darkness

Rainbow re:fracting
Rainbow on hand
Rainbow on wall
Rainbow on white
Rainbow on black

My God, 

It intrigues me what comes up for healing. I'm noticing my triggers can be pos or neg, and they can bring all kinds of gifts, and rabbit holes...

I have been attracted & moved by light since I was a really little girl laying in our barnyard in Tyrone Ontario. With eyes closed I would become lost in the designs dancing behind my eyes. I eventually recognized a physical sensation that pulled between my solar plex & sacral chakra. I became convinced that the light was feeding part of me... I could feel a drinking-it-in. Perhaps it was the UV rays. Perhaps it was Vitamin D or the osmosis of photosynthesis. At that age, pre 4, it didn't matter. 

It was my experience that I had an internal voice (the same one that still soothes me) telling me that one day I would understand. Approaching my 60th in 2021, I am still wondering if it makes any sense, what it might mean to me & my Soul's mission here on Earth.

I didn't question my sense of wonder. At 19, I started to study meditation, chakras, neuro-pathways & energy healing. Now I believe I was sensing my Soul: my subtle system of neuro-networked pathways that make up my 'light body'. This fueled my fascination which motivated me to studying what I could about the human energy system, light & sound healing, crystal manufacturing, electricity, oscillation & wondering what it might all mean in the bigger picture of Humanity.

I am still wondering that but as I align with my sense of Self, it becomes clearer that my job this whole time was always to get out of my own way. To follow the musings & passions of my inner-light body and not to over-think, not to question or derail things by going by logic alone. I learned who to speak to, who shut-me-down & why it mattered to Me, Myself & I.

Today I am adding a new layer of interest as I just discovered that rainbows shining on dark are just as bright as on light. Up until today for some reason, I assumed darkness absorbed light so I am in awe at how the light remains so pure & steadfast in the presence of darkness. It's actually blowing my mind a bit if I am honest - it makes perfect sense!
As a metaphor for life too, it makes absolute sense! 
We've heard it a million times, that we are to shine our light in the darkness. I have a totally refreshed understanding of this now and I will shine brighter as a result knowing nothing will compromise my light but the thoughts & beliefs I hold onto.

So when we are united, together... we shine like the pure light of God that we are.

A potential human Supernova!

Rainbow on burgandy

with Love & Light,

Barbara Mackenzie

11:11am | 01.09.2021
Southern Ontario, Canada

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