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Tuesday, January 12, 2021

Mindfulness, Manifestation & the Mobilization of Soul

According to Wikipedia, Inertia is:
The vis insita, or innate force of matter, is a power of resisting by which every body, as much as in it lies, endeavours to preserve its present state, whether it be of rest or moving uniformly forward in a straight line.

I feel locked in a state of inertia...  determined to shift gears + get the HELL out

Brilliant minds like Isaac Newton made sense of the law of physics using fundamental principals to help understand how matter moves, or not, and why. It seems logical that the physical aspects would somehow apply to the spiritual. I am no scientist now, just a country bumpkin from Ontario... in Service for the Soul.

Somehow I have a sense that I have a purpose on Earth and one day I will find it. Maybe it's a Grande illusion that has been with me since day one but it has run parallel with me in my life like a GPS. It helps to navigate the way ~ inside & out. As a child I knew there was "more" to me & life, than what others knew. It's true.

I know 'getting through the day' is not enough in a world that has the abundance for us to thrive and that in order to truly thrive. How can I recalibrate MY GPS?

Wonder has always been a core virtue for me. Asking complex questions about the universe that other kids never considered was normal for me. I grew up with a sense that I was "different" and what encouraged the idea and reinforced this belief was that no one else seemed to be thinking about the ideas musing in my mind.

Our mental health is rooted in our childhood & IF life is traveled with very little baggage (meaning: as a kid, we were cared for in all the ways to help a soul grow without abuse or trauma ~ by being loved, cherished & nourished physically & spiritually ~ in mind, body & soul) the survive vs thrive mirrors in our Self esteem.

Humanity lost the plot centuries ago, becoming so distracted with mastering the cultivation of our creature comforts (and every desire, let's face it) that being industrious has become a state of mind & a way of being, instead of an activity! We developed a pattern of satisfying our Ego while depriving our Soul. Is it any wonder that "not enoughness" is an epidemic of it's own? It's like we developed a shadow-side because of the deficit. ~ inertia ~ is like the resistance of a child like me, who saw the injustices yet was denied the right to justice for themselves.

Case in point: having to comply with an abusive parent. There's no justice for the child who knows it's wrong.

Denying the Soul causes the longing. a hole/whole that we're desperately trying to fill. So the way I see it, in any event, is that we must find our way back to the heart of the matter which is to reconnect the mind, body & spirit. To help reintegrate all aspects of Self. To mobilize the Self to reunite with our self. That's where inertia comes into play! And considering how healthy humanity has been, nothing short of radicle recalibration is acceptable. Our rhythm has been off-kilter for too long. 

Like water on a beach, our flow of energy leaves patterns in the sands of our mind.

So I am looking at all of this and wondering for me, "How does this apply to feeling STUCK?" I'm also seeing for the first time, that I have been in this state for almost a decade. To this end, I am musing that when my body is in a state of depression, there is an emotional inertia in play that manifests physically and I am on a mission right now to discover, for myself, more about what that means to Me, Myself & I. How do I upgrade the internal navigation to it's natural state? Some thing's are for sure, I have to be open to the idea that there's more to me than meets the eye and I have always known that's true - so I've got that!!; that I need to go offline to download & reboot my server (in wellness, ease & Grace) that new 'maps' are constantly being uploaded to my social networks (and yours); & the programming I've received in life is faulty which doesn't make me damaged goods.

This gives my central nervous system a signal to ready itself, it's TUNE UP time!

with Love & Light,

Barbara Mackenzie

11:11am | 01.12.2021
Southern Ontario, Canada

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