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Wednesday, January 20, 2021


A new word inspired me to dig deeper into the meaning and how it applies to me, in my life. Perhaps physics theory doesn't overlay the theories of physiology BUT/AND I believe they do. That's deep into universal stuff & My Seeker's search for meaning. You'll have to subscribe to follow that stuff and it's not for the average bear!

In terms of the day to day? See my hand drawn sketch below. Quite literally I needed to take action in many other areas of my life so this new word took me to what feels like a pivotal point. *The ground zero of INERTIA I imagine is where mind, body & spirit unite. How we show up in the world. That's what matters to!

The 2020 pandemic has many behaving differently. I was shocked to hear that some are reflecting on life for the first time - EVER. In an online event I moderated in Jan/Feb of 2020, the guest speaker confessed before going LIVE, that in 45 years as a Judge he had never experienced the "How Are You?" check-in that had become the first 10 minutes of every meeting & his favorite part. 
The decision of how we show up IS and will always be "ours" but we're missing a leg of the 3-legged stool: 
  1. to be mobilized into action by initiative; 
  2. to stay immobilized in a holding pattern &/or 
  3. to BE a gentle observant guide TO witness & hold the reigns of Mind, Body & Spirit. 
To Master all 3 is the key!
My Weekly Commitment
~ Reflection & Discernment + Action & Inertia ~

There is no map. No Dummy's Guide to Co-Piloting the Soul but for the last 55 years am seeing (now) that I've been in an active state of oscillation -- I believe we all are -- but to what degree to we shine? That is where inertia can create wobbles & knock us off kilter. Right now, I am suddenly acutely aware that I AM the one holding the reigns, making decisions & experiencing life (good & bad). At the end of the day , that is on me how I show up for myself. I finally see how I missed out on myself

THIS -- Initiative is my action & integration plan. Thanks for Subscribing

with Love & Light,

Barbara Mackenzie

11:11am | 01.21.2021
Southern Ontario, Canada

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(Re:Visioned on Nov 23, 2020) I AM in TRUSTed to the idea that the whisperings of my Soul have always been calling me to these times. That this present day and the here & now is what I was guided to. To TRUST the action: to 'call a circle' of others who are committed to helping make the world a better place NO MATTER WHAT SHAPE IT'S IN... it's go time! (Read my Birthday 2020 blog post to catch up) TODAY I BEGIN CALLING A CIRCLE and here is my intention - to gather people who: appreciate & benefit from healing stories as they navigate their own; can hear my self-care story & daily journey to help themselves stay on track with their own stuff; and can be witnessed in their story while encourage space for others to support the whole circle. I AM excited to see who's showing up and where it will take us. See my Blog Page to join the circle.