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Wednesday, January 20, 2021

The Flip on the Fine Art of Firing

According to Lawrence M. Miller: 

Something needs to be said about how you fire an employee given recent public examples. (...)

Rule #1: The more you fire employees the worse a manager you are. It is your job to hire and promote people who will not need to be fired and it is your job to develop, train and counsel employees so they perform well. Firing is an admission that you did not do your job.

Rule #2: Just as you should never punish your child when you are in an emotional state, you should never discipline an employee when you are in an emotional state. Relax. Think. Plan. You better get a partner in HR! Never do it without consulting others.

Rule #3: There is always an issue of justice when firing someone. It is unjust to fire someone when you have not given them prior warning and the opportunity to change their behavior. It is "just" if, after several feedback/coaching sessions, the individual has failed to take responsibility and change their behavior.

Rule #4: Never, ever, make a public pronouncement about someone's firing until after you have met with them, listened to them, and given them a chance to respond.

Rule #5: NEVER communicate firing or any other corrective action by Tweet, email or any other electronic communication, and never publically. It is your job it sit down - face-to-face (OK maybe on zoom now) and be MAN ENOUGH to tell them directly what decision you are making and give them an opportunity to respond. Anything else is pure cowardice and should result in your own termination.

I love this approach.

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