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Welcome -- It's January 2016 and I am not giving up on the idea that people may appreciate and benefit from some of my story. I began in 2008 in a quest to blog my reflective experience through the lens of my virtues. Life, while full of rich lessons, did not provide the time and space needed to blog. Some days I wish I had a record of it all, other days I am grateful that I did not make a public exhibition. However, today, I commit to power-up the joy, meaning and purpose in my life. I hope that you will find it inspiring and helpful in your own journey. As a Virtues Project Master Facilitator and Grace Coach, it is my mission in life to help change the culture of our caring. As a humanity, the quality of our relationships is what truly matters. I aim to blog about virtues, what they mean to me and how they inspire, or challenge my life. Follow along with me if you are curious or care to do the same. Leave comments if you can, pose questions or link me if my blog has encouraged you. I look forward to connecting.

Saturday, February 4, 2017

Window of Soul

~ The Window of Soul ~

Come to our window and watch now,
As the world rambles on in a race.
Come to our window and see out ~
And then turn "in" to find this place.

"In" is the place that you grow from,
"In" is the house of intent,
"In" is the safe place to nurture ~
The virtues Creator hath sent.

Here you will find all that's needed,
Each breath brings us closer to thee.
Our thoughts are not only separate ~
They form us and drive us to BE.

Hold strong the vision that binds us,
Stay true to your purpose & know.
That I am the Light right above us ~
And you are the Shadow below.

Together we walk life with purpose,
Please trust that we have it all.
Listen intently and act when ~
Ever your heart heeds the call.

Nov 19, 2005 Barbara