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Welcome -- It's January 2016 and I am not giving up on the idea that people may appreciate and benefit from some of my story. I began in 2008 in a quest to blog my reflective experience through the lens of my virtues. Life, while full of rich lessons, did not provide the time and space needed to blog. Some days I wish I had a record of it all, other days I am grateful that I did not make a public exhibition. However, today, I commit to power-up the joy, meaning and purpose in my life. I hope that you will find it inspiring and helpful in your own journey. As a Virtues Project Master Facilitator and Grace Coach, it is my mission in life to help change the culture of our caring. As a humanity, the quality of our relationships is what truly matters. I aim to blog about virtues, what they mean to me and how they inspire, or challenge my life. Follow along with me if you are curious or care to do the same. Leave comments if you can, pose questions or link me if my blog has encouraged you. I look forward to connecting.

Wednesday, March 11, 2020

How to be FREE? Thoughts from inside the cage.

Every day we make choices that bring us what we need & want. It's one way our culture has come to live & survive - but are we free?

It's not the only way we could be living but it's where we are now. It's not a happy or healthy place to be in my opinion - but opinion is a trapping of our modern society too but the truth is that we're killing our planet. Imagine in the deepest jungle communities, imagine they do not know what is happening to their planet? Cut off from the rest of the world, primitive understanding... AND YET so advanced in their freedom. What does it mean to be free anyway? We're driving this planet off the edge and we see it coming, still going on par normal. Well until now. The coronavirus is disrupting and isolating & divisiveness is evil.

Regardless of any conscience disruption, isolation is a killer! If our existence is tied up with each other (andnit is) only means that there's something driving that 'industriousness' dog-eat dog attitude. That is not what we need now. We need to look at our humanity.

#whatsinitforME has been woven into the threads of our life whether we like it or not. It's the hamster wheel most people hate and drag themselves through life doing - every single day - but it is not the only way.

It begins with dissenting, which in a healthy atmosphere should trigger consultation & a path of finding our way back to the truth about any situation. Being free is about Mindfulness & Trust/worthiness. When those things break down - we become lost. So stay connected wherever you are.