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Sunday, May 16, 2021

What's it Worth?

I am on the fence... (see samples)

There's an opportunity that closes in at midnight. If I buy in, I save over $1G. If I don't buy in, I can only offer #1 of the following deals.

One thousand dollars is a lot of money right now, and this is my savings - so there's a lot of consideration going on between my ears right now. This is also an investment in my business... AND A PIVOT... BUT ...this has to do with video branding, production & sales which technically has something to do with my business per se. So in 2021, in the online industry is booming, video is already huge right now. This DEAL makes video affordable which is what's most important to me. Not only a wonderful way to reach audiences quickly and efficiently, my business SYNERGYetc is in a front line position to offer video creation services. 

What do you think of this? Will you need a quick & snappy video? A Video Intro & Outro? Sales Videos, Video Ads? Promote launches of products? Promote Events? Market Your Book? Whatever you need a video for - you can have it so fast it will make your head spin. Check this out & get on board ASAP if you're interested. PM me for a zoom call & a video walk through.

= JUMP IN at 1 of 3 levels: price goes up at 12pm EST May 16, 2021 =

  1. Buy a Video - $49. $99. $250. (*using your content) for 10, 20 or 30 sec, MP4 videos - (*image, text & audio) &/or you can purchase a studio (where you create your videos to use or resell) in the SYNERGYetc. Studio membership.
  2. Buy a Membership - $499. yr (your studio for use or resell); limit 10 videos per month.
  3. Buy a License - $3000. yr. or 250. mo (your studio use or resell); unlimited
IF this interests you. I will transfer the generosity your way. Buy-IN before 9pm EDT tonight to lock in the above cost. Tomorrow, prices go up significantly to:
  1. $199. / $299. / $750. for 10 / 20 / 30 sec branded (image/text/audio) MP4 videos
  2. $1499. yr - membership - members limit is 10 videos per month
  3. $5000. yr or $419. per mo - license - to create unlimited videos
Who's IN? JUMP in before 10pm EST today - May 16th, 2021.

I'll update HERE with a link to purchase.

SYNERGYetc. is owned by Barbara Mackenzie / licensed in Canada under the Province of Ontario since ©2004

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